Naughty And Nice

By Victoria Looseleaf

Greetings, dear readers! To say that it’s been a while is an understatement, but we thought we’d get back into the blogosphere by blabbing about, well, us. Ending the year on a high, we’re ecstatic to announce the publication of Isn’t It Rich? A Novella In Verse, our debut book of poetry published by the eminent Gordy Grundy.

It’s available now on Amazonin paperback and on Kindle, and we would appreciate it if each and every one of you would buy a copy – or two or three, as they make great stocking stuffers – and then write a review. Puhleeze! After all, we’ve been writing about many of you over the years – with 2015 seeing us on a journalistic jag (click here, here and here for our most recent stories) – that has earned us the title of most prolific freelancer on the planet.

Ergo: We’d like a little love in return!

In any case, the history of IIR is nearly as interesting as the book, but we’ll save that for the onslaught of media coverage we expect to receive. We would like to note, however, that we’ve dedicated the book to our father, FAW, and the memories of our mother Bernice, nephew Dylan Edwards and our favorite Renaissance man, Taylor Negron. Our acknowledgments are also seemingly endless, but you’ll have to purchase the tome to see if you’re one of them.

Seriously, we would like to mention just a few names, including the gifted Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Kate Johnson, Carey Peck, his wife, the fabulous artist Lita Albuquerque, and her daughter Jasmine Albuquerque Croissant, who, with her husband Rodrigo Amarante, hooked us up with our cover artist, the magnificent Katrien DeBlauwer (image below).





Gratitude also goes to our Salon 3.0 co-host, the inimitable Joanna Cottrell, postmodern choreographer Rudy Perez and dear friends, artist Russ Butler and the incomparable actor/performance artist John Fleck.




We also have a new website,, where you’ll learn more about the book, our erstwhile cable access TV show, The Looseleaf Report – about which Kenneth Hughes is making a feature-length documentary – and various and other sundry things about our, er, brilliant career.

So, Happy Chanukah, and you’ll be hearing from us again soon, as we’ll be writing our annual Best Of 2015 column. In the interim, cheers to you, loyal readers, and let us know what you think of Isn’t It Rich? A Novella In Verse (photo below and on back cover, Mark Hanauer)

A sad note: The one-of-a-kind trailblazing actress, Holly Woodlawn, has passed away. She became a friend after appearing on The Looseleaf Report in 2000, when we dished on politics – gender and otherwise – and her wondrous life. RIP…


About Victoria Looseleaf

Victoria Looseleaf is an award winning arts journalist and regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times, KUSC-FM radio, Dance Magazine, Performances Magazine and other outlets. She roams the world covering dance, music, theater, film, food and architecture. Have pen - and iPad - will travel! Her latest book, "Isn't It Rich? A Novella In Verse" is now available on Amazon. Thank you for reading! Cheers...
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