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Looseleaf and THE LOOSELEAF REPORT are Los Angeles' answer to ennui. Recently anointed the goddess of public access television by Details Magazine, Looseleaf is the producer and host of THE LOOSELEAF REPORT. With over 325 shows in the can (and hundreds of guests on record), Looseleaf brings depth, humor and a new slant to the otherwise standard talk-show format.

Her guest list - now numbering in the hundreds - is formidable, to say the least. In the musical arena she has featured rock musicians Ginger Baker (former drummer from "Cream"), John Densmore (drummer for "The Doors"), The Del Rubio Triplets, Mexican rocker, El Vez, Kinky Friedman, Chuck E. Weiss (of "The Goddamned Liars'" fame), Jimmy Angel, Henry Rollins, Mayan songbird, Yma Sumac, and Rotondi.

And, if Random House had their way, Looseleaf would be interviewing every one of their authors to come down the pike. Loose has bantered with Peter Benchley, Ray Bradbury, Harvey Pekar, Bob Kane (he created "Batman"), Colleen McCullough, and Hubert Selby, Jr. ("Last Exit to Brooklyn").

As for the comics who have paid homage to Loose, well, they have absolutely run riot on her show: George Carlin, Steve Allen, venereal comic Rube Ruben, and the list goes on. Her comic bits aren't too shabby, either. Looseleaf is the originator of an intriguing program known as "HarpAerobics," a full-body workout with a concert harp. If you aren't keeping up with her, you're laughing your ass off. Loose's Beauty Reports are also gonna kill you. Check her out in "Hygiene Alley;" "The Chin Gym;" and "Facial Flex."

A well-known figure about town, Looseleaf pushes the envelope even further, when she takes the show on the road. Pieces such as "Victoria Looseleaf's Festival of Chariots", her own "1,000 Points of Light" and her strange, but always exotic, forays into Griffith Park, will give you a good dose of humor to make you forget your troubles.

Now you can own copies of interviews with your favorite guests from "The Looseleaf Report." Enjoy the inimitable style and charm of Victoria Looseleaf as she interviews the most fascinating people on the planet. Choose from a catalogue of hundreds of performers, authors, actors, directors, musicians and artists. Included with every interview are some of Loose's most hilarious moments - from her "Beauty Reports" to her comedy bits and her original songs - as well as Mike Mollett's Literary Minutes, on-location excursions and the vaudeville extremes "The Looseleaf Report" has come to symbolize. Check out The Gallery for a who's who, then call 1-800-251-2252 to order your copies today. Only $12.95 (California residents add 8.25% sales tax), plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. A must for the discerning video connoisseur.

Another way Loose relaxes you is with her trademark music: Looseleaf has recorded two albums - "Harpnosis" and "Beyond Harpnosis". Harpnosis, a registered trademark is her own brand of classical/new age music that calms the savage beast. Among its proponents have been O.J. Simpson (obviously, it didn't work), Kato Kaelin (ditto), President Reagan, Malcolm Forbes, Rock Hudson, Axl Rose and Leona Helmsley. Of course, our boy Leo (DiCaprio) swears by it on difficult film shoots.

A deconstructionist Ed Sullivan for the 90's, Looseleaf also writes novelty songs (she recently unearthed a recording of President "K" singing "I Turned Gay in Acapulco," which she now uses, by popular demand, as the closing music on "The Looseleaf Report"). "I Got A Right To Whine the Blues," will definitely make you thankful you're you and not Loose, whose crooning has been described as a cross between Cher, Lucille Ball and Mr. Ed.

Had enough? Not quite. Looseleaf is also a novelist (her tome, "Whorehouse of the Mind - A Novel of Sex, Drugs and the Space Program" was staged in a hit series of readings in New York and Los Angeles). Now all she needs is a publisher. Hmm, could be a follow-up to her Leonardo biography.

For more of Loose's writings, though (the ones for which she actually gets paid), check out her links to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Downtown News, AOL's "TV Navigator" and La Opinion, the country's oldest and largest Spanish-speaking newspaper in the country.

Habla Espanol? Neither does Loose. They love her so much they translate her.

And you're gonna love her, too. Check her out. She's hip, she's hot...she's Looseleaf.

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