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Welcome to the Gallery of The Looseleaf Report, where you'll meet the famous, the not-so-famous and those ever-present wannabes that roam the streets and 'burbs of Los Angeles, the Sudan-by-the-Sea. I have been documenting my life for a number of years now, but once I started taping my cable access television show, "The Looseleaf Report," the documentation that now exists on video (325 half-hour shows), is about to run me out of house and home. Yeah, well, s'cool. Here are some Kodak moments, though, to allow you a glimpse of the glamorous life of La Looseleaf (moi!)

Now you can own copies of interviews with your favorite guests from "The Looseleaf Report." Enjoy the inimitable style and charm of Victoria Looseleaf as she interviews the most fascinating people on the planet. Choose from a catalogue of hundreds of performers, authors, actors, directors, musicians and artists. Included with every interview are some of Loose's most hilarious moments - from her "Beauty Reports" to her comedy bits and her original songs - as well as Mike Mollett's Literary Minutes, on-location excursions and the vaudeville extremes "The Looseleaf Report" has come to symbolize. Check out The Gallery for a who's who, then call 1-800-251-2252 to order your copies today. Only $12.95 (California residents add 8.25% sales tax), plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. A must for the discerning video connoisseur.

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Kinky Friedman & Loose Loose, Anthony Edwards, and Stephen Kearny

Daddy & I at the Oscars Daddy & The Del Rubio Triplets

The Nude Portrait Loose & Placido Domingo

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