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The Gallery - Loose, Anthony Edwards, and Stephen Kearny


On the left you're looking at Anthony Edwards, the mega-star making mega- bucks on the very hit show, "E.R." I, of course, am in the middle, flanked by the funnyman, Stephen Kearney, he of Los Trios Ringbarkus fame, an Australian comedy duo that broke up and left Steve to try and make it on his own.

With some help from me. I produced and helped write Steve's hit one-man theatrical show (that means it's performed live in a small nightclub for very little $), called "Planet K." Anthony (that's Tony to me and Steve), actually directed one version of this laugh-fest that Steve took to Edinburgh's "Fringe Festival" in the summer of 1984.

Lemme say that we didn't have enough dough to send me along as producer, so Steve, foraging for fresh fruits and vegetables, while trying to keep body and soul together in the cold Scottish town, did not exactly take top honors.

While I really had wanted to go to those Northern climes to further both Steve's and my career (Tony's was firmly cemented by this time, so he had absolutely nothing to worry about, not a care in the world...), it turns out that if I had managed to get there - kilt-clad or whatever, I would never have had a hot affair with a Welsh cinematographer living in London whom I met right here in blistering L.A.

SO I GOT TO TO JET OFF TO FOGGY LONDON TOWN ON MY OWN. (Only to find out that the Welshman was not, repeat, was not, the love of my life, and the heat he once generated, quickly ebbed to room-temperature-like passion. In other words, he was one of the bigger assholes I'd encountered...up to that time.)

In any case: C'est la fucking vie. Nice pic, though, dontcha think?

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