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Loose and Bob Kane

So here I am schmoozing with Bob Kane, the octagenarian creator of "Batman." This guy was just full of himself, but, still, ya gotta wonder why the hell he was dishing with La Looseleaf? Seems he had some kind of a play mounted in town - did he write it, produce it or what? Who can remember, except I do believe it starred his much younger, not-very-good-acting wife, whose name I couldn't remember if you prodded me with a cattle brand. Daddy happened to be visiting then, too, and was also struck by Mr. Kane's rather colossal ego. "Batman" should be put to bed. Give it a rest, guys, huh? I mean, even Leo (DiCaprio), in his first talk-show interview with me back in '92 was was unimpressed with the caped crusader by that point.

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