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Loose and Tom Brokaw


Loose and Tom BrokawYeah, yeah, yeah. Here I am with big old anchorman, Tom Brokaw. I don't watch his news broadcast (I much prefer the Canuck, Peter Jennings), so why should I expect Brokaw to watch my show? (He did admit to chanel surfing, though, stopping on Home Shopping and picking up a few Joan Rivers' baubles, hahaha). And, though I am beaming broadly, I gotta tell you, I was suffering from a terrible sore throat, so if you happened to catch Mr. B's show a few nights hence, he was on the cusp of laryngitis, himself. HAH!!! At least when the photo appeared in a local L.A. rag, I was called the "Goddess of Cable Access." (photo credit: Gary Leonard)

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