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Loose and Kato Kaelin


Loose and Kato KaelinIt's not as if I was looking to meet the world's most famous houseguest. But like that proverbial bad penny, Mr. Kaelin was turning up everywhere after the great O.J. debacle. Of course, I knew O.J. when he was my neighbor in Laguna Beach, and had my own opinion as to the dude's guilt or innocence (an unequivocal Big G...), so where there's smoke, there's Kato. He slurred, he stuttered, he stammered and he begged me for a copy of "Harpnosis." I accommodated him, but when he showed up uninvited to Leonardo DiCaprio's 22nd birthday party, little Leo refused to be photographed with him. It was I, then, who took the megastar's place.

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