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Loose and Peter Benchley

Ohmygod! I, Victoria Looseleaf, the self-proclaimed Goddess of Cable access was going to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with the creator of "Jaws," on the set of "The Looseleaf Report." Why he felt he had to trot down to my show and plug his latest shit (some drecky tome dubbed "Beast") was beyond me, but - hey, it's not a living (for me, for him, most certainly, yes!). In fact, it was my birthday and I was feeling good. Too bad my crew that day was off and we were running an hour late. Monsieur Benchley threw a near hissy-fit, so I sat there for most of the half-hour humming the "Jaws" theme in his ear. To think that he is the son of the famous Algonquin-days writer, Robert Benchley. Good genes, fer sure, fer sure!

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