On Zürich, Zeitgeists and Zingers

By Victoria Looseleaf

As you can tell, The Leaf loves alliteration – but there’s not much with the letter ‘Z,’ save in Scrabble and the OED. She could mention that Zürich, the lakeside hamlet she recently visited for the first time was somewhat of a zoo – as far as the wealth factor is concerned – but that will become obvious once you read Dispatch From Zürich, her Los Angeles Times musings on the city whose inhabitants speak both French and High German (with a bit of English thrown in for monetary reasons). As for this quaint town being part of the zeitgeist, let’s just say that paying 11,000 Swiss francs for a Chanel opera-worthy evening gown may be on some peeps’ radar, but The Leaf can only look. And dream. As for zingers, dear readers, go see Hangover 2 or something, cuz her mind is still fried from trying to process all the traveling, performance-going and dealing with the dollar’s ridiculously low rate of exchange. (Ouch!)

Some of the fabulous dancers of the Zürich Ballet

Also: In only 500 words (her LAT assignment), it’s hard to cover everything, including some of The Leaf’s insanely fabulous meals eaten in a garden sheltered from driving rains, some cool Swiss folks she met on a boat and two trains, and how incredibly easy it is to get around with the
Zürich Card. For a longer dispatch, then, The Leaf will blab further once she hits home. In the meantime, click here for her LAT reportage.

Coming soon: The latest from Montpellier, the town The Leaf once dubbed, “a dance lover’s paradise.”

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